Hello all after all efforts here is latest hosts working for airtel all working great and here i want to share the ultimate handler tricks which we can say all in one handler trick working for airtel users as far i consider this works with all handler like gmaps,nimbuzz,ebuddy,facebook,ucweb,opera,crickinfo,newshunt handler application and also works with anroid handler application also for all AIRTEL users befor going to this have a look on my previous airtel rupee 1 video trick for free internet , airtel live tv application moded with latest tv channels for airtel, ucweb moded with 5 latest ip for airtel, k lets get into details of latest internet trick here


Here are list of latest working free hosts and working free ips for free gprs internet for all airtel users in website form:
  • ic.bsbportal.com
  • qrious.airtellive.com
  • img.tnm.bsbportal.com
  • wap-in.neomobile.net
  • v.airtelworld.com
well those who need in the ip form see below


As far my experiment this trick works for all most all handler applications like facebook,ebuddy,nimbuzz,ucweb,opera,gmaps,crickbuzz,newshunt,avacus,browsers and that too for anroid applications too as i dont have enough time to upload all these applications you can download handler application from the official handler website here .
How to use this trick:
 make new settings as below:
Proxy : this will works like bolt)
Port :80
Apn : airtelgprs.com
now save settings important note for nokia users manual setting will not work you need to have prov file for this you can find here how to make prov file and how to use here in details ,
after saving settings now install any handler application which you would like to use for free. after installing now open the app now in handler menu in front query type as below:

Note: just replace FREE_IP_HERE with the ip which given above free hosts
now save settings have fun in free world like me you can see free sms trick for all networks here, further queries feel free to contact me.
have a nice day.